Access Management System

Access optimization of logistical and industrial sites: advanced security, superior traceability, dynamic bay assignments and more…

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Contracting Owner

An exclusive service for all businesses with an IT project: easily apply the automatic process by controlling the different situations...

Hosting Solutions

To simplify your procedures and share your information securely, easyPROG will be responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining your private and secure spaces for your websites, databases, storage space…

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Touchscreen Solutions

We offer a large range of fully equipped touch screens. To ease implementation, we provide all hardware and software requirements. An all-in-one custom made solution…

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Web Solutions

Because we consider the creation of a website as a real project, our methodology is applied to the design and development of all types of websites…

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"Your projects, our solutions" - A team dedicated to providing you with IT solutions engineered to suit your structure and to optimise your production.
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Our research analyses your needs and assists you in determining the most appropriate IT solutions. We work in three areas: definition of data flow, presentation of information and identification of processing by user type.

A database is a key element in all solutions where information is stored, processed and returned. We pay attention to detail when designing databases: the guarantee of lasting solutions.

The multiplicity of IT resources requires the use of multiple skills and different suppliers. To make things easier, we operate as your single point of contact and implement solutions, including hardware and software.

Is your project to create or redesign a website? Through extensive study, depending on your activity, we use detailed design concepts and the best techniques for the dissemination of information, we do benefit from maximum visibility for a specific budget.

Our Projects

Visit our portfolio for an overview of our projects.

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