Logistic and industrial solution


Use a complete solution to optimize flux and accesses into your logistic and industrial sites.

Confronted at a saturation problem on our logistics site, we had a difficulties to manage the loading and unloading of vehicles on our platform. Thanks to the innovative solution of easyPROG, we have obtained convincing results: optimization of vehicle flow, high productivity gain, safety of the site, reduction of disease problems. This solution is essential!

YD, STEF EFF Strasbourg

Our Access Management System is composed of hardware and software, specifically created for logistic and industrial sites, which work together to optimize control of inbound and outbound site traffic. AMS software features work together with existing management software.

  • Benefits
  • Functionality
  • Implementation
  • Partners
  • Documentation
  • Reduce on-site travel distance and decrease waiting times
  • Avoid misunderstandings between truck drivers and site personnel
  • Optimize allocation of bay assignments to reduce waiting times and the mistakes
  • Enhance quality of services and shipments
  • Control freight distribution throughout the loading process
  • Increase tracking and security of site entry and exits
  • Benefits to the health* and well being of on-site staff
  • Increase around 20% the rentability linked to the site activity
*Decrease of 80% of deseases problems for refrigerated or frozen sites
  • Set appointments with drivers using shared calendar linked to AMS
  • Welcome drivers in their own language at the touch terminal exclusively designed for the transport industry
  • In case of dysfunctions of network, the conception of AMS permit to ensure the welcome of visitors
  • Confirm driver’s identity and contents of freight
  • Verification of manifest and freight contents
  • Site access granted or denied (this process can be linked to the security system with a an activation or deactivation of visitor badges or security codes)
  • Dynamic Bay assignments for loading and unloading operations
  • Access notification sent to drivers by SMS
  • Tracking on-site movement and notification sent to client upon freight departure (notification sent by SMS or email)
  • All statistical data available in real-time
  • Access information from anywhere at anytime with your mobile device
*Constructors and partners integrators : Til Technologies, Eryma, Prosegur, Automatic Alarm, ITQ Security
  • The solution can be configurable and personnalisable in function to the particularity of the site (graphics, sceneries of welcome, rules of manage, store of the differents datas)
  • Our team take the time to ensure the good implementation of the softwares and hardware into your site (at the beginning to ending of project)
  • The solution can be integrated at the actually elements of the information system without a lot of infrastructure works*
  • We are creating all interfaces to permit data exchanges and the manage of informations issued from another systems (access control, TMS, WMS, weighing and invoices softwares, etc.)
*Excluding work related to the provision of electrical alimentation and the fixing of certain elements
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