The simplest and most efficient solution to optimize the reception in your company.

Imagine for a while you go to a company, be welcomed by a robot that identifies you in one second and prevents your contact that you are here. He can give you a tea or coffee …

We have specially designed MonVisiteur to make hosting in a company a unique and totally new experience. Thanks to a resolutely innovative technological solution, each visitor can make an appointment from our Internet portal and as soon as he arrives in the lobby, a robot or a tactile terminal will identify him in less than a second.
The notification system that we have imagined allows to inform the visitor in real time of the acceptance of his appointment and to alert the person of the company that his appointment is there. The solution interfaces perfectly with the security and protection systems in place to unlock an airlock or turnstile as soon as the visitor has been identified. While waiting for the visitor, the robot or the terminal can present him with personalized information so that the wait is a most enjoyable moment.
Now, use MonVisiteur
  • MonVisiteur brings...
  • Features
  • From turnkey
  • Partners
  • A calendar shared between visitors and the company
  • The automation of making appointments and the various reminders
  • Welcoming visitors within the company thanks to a multi-lingual robot*
  • Help for hostesses and reduce visitors’ expectations
  • Ensuring better control of each visitor’s identity
  • Strengthening the security and traceability of building IOs
  • Increased profitability and efficiency related to the hospitality business
*We offer the use of the Pepper robot or touch terminal according to the tariff options
  • Visitor’s appointements with a shared calendar by Internet
  • Automatic notifications by SMS or email when the appointment changes or is canceled
  • Automatic reminders by SMS when the hour of appointment is now coming
  • Welcome of visitors in the company and in your language with a robot
  • Identity check of visitors and verification of their arrival
  • Authorization or not of entry that can be coupled to an access security software*
  • Automatic notification by SMS of the staff of the company at the arrival of the visitors
  • Traceability obtained with an automatic timestamp from the begin to the end of the appointment
  • Use of mobile devices (tablet, smartphone) to access the device anywhere
  • Statistics available in real time
*Partner Builders: TIL Technologies, Siemens, Genetec, Nedap
  • The solution can be configurable and personnalisable in function to the particularity of the site (graphics, sceneries of welcome, informations to present)
  • Our team take the time to ensure the good implementation of the softwares and hardware into your site (at the beginning to ending of project)
  • The solution can be integrated at the actually elements of the information system without a lot of infrastructure works*
  • We are creating all interfaces to permit data exchanges and the manage of informations issued from another systems (access control, ERP and specific softwares)
*Excluding work related to the provision of electrical alimentation and the fixing of certain elements
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