easyPROG was created in 2008 by its founder Christophe HUMBERT. Convinced of the need for a personalised service and adapted to the activities of corporate business, easyPROG implements a system and methodology capable of responding to high technical requirements, on time and to budget.

easyPROG will provide dedicated support for all products and services to provide all businesses, regardless of its size or structure, with a single point of contact which will respond to each obstacle with a simple technical solution.

The opening of our Brussels office in 2013, has opened up the prospects of expansive distribution of easyPROG’s products and services within Europe.


A few key points
  • 2 offices (Paris – Brussels)
  • 1 team of 5 people
  • 30 clients – SME and large businesses
  • More than 20 different software solutions currently in use
  • 4 Extranet solutions available anywhere in the world
  • More than 10 corporate and non-corporate websites online
  • 5 affiliated manufacturers / distributors of computer hardware
  • 1 network of partners in various fields (communication, writing, translation, business strategy advice)
Dates and key projects
  • 2008 : Company founded as a limited company
  • 2009 : Marketing of the first Extranet solution dedicated to business audits
  • 2010 : Distribution of our streaming media solution on touch screens devices in Paris
  • 2011 : Creation of the institutional websites “development branch”
  • 2012 : Creation of the “large businesses branch” which includes businesses such as MAVIC, the Caisse de Dépôts et des Consignations, the SONEPAR group, SOS Médecins
  • 2013 : Creation of the “Research & Development branch” set-up for conceiving tools commercialised by partners or distributors such as Eryma, Référence DSI, and for prestigious clients such as DHL, MMA